Our Business Partners

Business Partners

PROSPECTIVE BUSINESS PARTNERS: Thank you for considering a business partnership with PASFAA for the 2018-19 partnership year, which begins after the fall 2018 conference. Please review the documents linked below for information about the attractive package of partnership options developed by the Finance and Development Committee. If you have any questions about these options, please contact the Finance and Development chair, John Falleroni, at

Due to exhibitor space limitations at the 2018 conference site, no further Business Partner sign-ups are being accepted as of 9/24/2018.

2018-19 PASFAA Business Partner Options
2018-19 PASFAA Business Partner Brochure

PASFAA acknowledges the following business partners who are providing generous support of PASFAA activities for the 2017-18 year:

Tier 1 Partners
Citizens Bank
College Ave Student Loans
Connext Private Student Loans
Discover Student Loans
Sallie Mae

Tier 2 Partners
Cognition Financial (Formerly First Marblehead)
ELM Resources
McClintock & Associates
iHELP Private Loan Program

Tier 3 Partners
Campus Logic

Tier 4 Partners
Financial Aid Services
Great Lakes Educational Loan Services, Inc
Thrivent Student Loan Services
Wells Fargo Education Financial Services

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