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PASFAA is a dynamic, service association whose mission is:
  • To provide for the professional development of members and other constituencies,
  • To advocate for access to post-secondary education, and
  • To educate the public on financial aid and funding opportunities.
All members' addresses both postal and electronic are privileged information and are not sold to outside entities. This information is only available to the membership for Association business.

Since electronic communications are the primary vehicle for contacting the membership, individuals are urged to always maintain an accurate email address in the Association's database. Members may update their demographic information by accessing the Membership area of the PASFAA webpage.

PASFAA utilizes electronic balloting for Association elections. Privacy standards are in place to ensure the confidentiality of voters' choices.

From time to time, PASFAA surveys the membership for feedback regarding training needs, conference preferences, and other Association activities and projects. The identities of individual respondents are protected in order to guarantee confidentiality.

Expectations of Members
Although there are many public areas of the PASFAA website, there are sections dedicated exclusively to members. PASFAA members are expected to respect the privacy of limited access areas of the website by not sharing their user name or password with others.

Links to Other Internet Sites
PASFAA is not responsible for the privacy guidelines of internet sites which may be linked through the PASFAA webpage. Refer to the individual site's policy statement on privacy standards.

Contacting PASFAA
If you have questions regarding PASFAA or this privacy statement, contact the current PASFAA President for additional information.

October 19, 2005

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