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New/Renewal Membership Application

Membership dues for 2018-2019 are $70.00 for an Active membership, $350.00 for Active Institutional (5 or more members) $70.00 for an Associate membership, $10.00 for a Retired membership, and $25.00 for a Student membership.

Institutional Membership shall be limited to persons from the same institution (from one office/location only) who are responsible for the administration of student financial aid and/or having the authority to award aid representing institutions of post-secondary education located in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It is priced at $350.00.

Please read the membership definitions on the application page and select the appropriate classification.

IMPORTANT: Institutional Membership is available ONLY to schools that have employees directly responsible for the administration of student financial aid and/or having the authority to award aid. Please CLICK HERE for instructions on completing your institutional membership application. This page will open in a new window - close the window to return to this application page.

Institutional membership covers employees at one physical location; ie regional branch - graduate/professional schools must have separate memberships

NOTE: In applying for membership, I understand that my image may be attained and utilized in various PASFAA media.

  • This is a multi-part application and is not complete until you reach the final invoice page.

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