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2013 Fall Conference Presentations

Presentation Title Presenter Document
150% Direct Stafford Loan Limit Cindy Davis Download
Active Shooter Survival Frances McClellan Download
Basics of the Borrower-Based Year Meghan Petsko Download
Beyond Entrance Exits Christopher Earnshaw Download
Common FAFSA Errors Teresa Stover Download
Common Sense and Financial Aid Kim McCurdy
Amy Sloan
Cost of Attendance Cheryl DePaolis
Colleen Coudriet
Counseling Borrowers on Income Driven Plans Joe Jovell Download
Direct Loan Basics Michelle Jackson Download
Disclosures and Consumer Information David Racculia Download
EdConnect Heidi Hunter-Goldsworthy Download
Eligibility - A Broad Overview Alyssa Dobson Download
Excel Tips and Tricks James Baldwin Download
Federal Loan Servicing Update and Panel Susan Davis
Kimber Decker
Joe Jovell
Dan Weigle
Institutional Dollars and Award the Right Students Amy Miranda Download
Leadership Lessons of a Sheep Farmer Patricia Peterson Download
Learning to Love Data Christine Saadi
Jen Wick
Managing An Effective Debt Management Program Catherine Demchak
Dave Eber
Media Training for Professionals Keith New Download
Mentoring Dwight Horsey Download
NASFAA Tools Eileen Welsh Download
NCAA Division 1 Financial Aid Carol Bonner Download
NSLDS Basics Doug Vore Download
PA Office of OVR   Download
PELL LEU Cindy Davis Download
Pennsylvania Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Denise Verchimak
Pamela Montgomery
Mary Mills Richards
PH Roundtable Session Sheila M. Nelson-Hensley
Tracey Galloway
Matt Stokan
PHEAA Partner Interface Carol Gill
Pat Heer
Public Speaking Cory Gearths Download
R2T4 and Modules Eileen Welsh
Linda Ross
Resolving C Codes Tonya Hsiung Download
Resolving Over-Aggregate Issues (Inadvertent Overborrowing) David Racculia Download
Retention - Neutral Attrition Can Be Prevented Bill Engler Download
Shopping Sheet Eileen Welsh
Anna Griswold
State Grant and Special Programs Chris Zuzack Download
Stress Relief Tami Gilbeaux Download
Student Advocacy Linda Anderson Download
Student Employment Varo Duffins
Isaac Greene
Kimberly Uphold
Surviving Change Jason VanSickle Download
Take Control of Your CDR Steve Adams
Amanda Holt
Top Audit and Program Findings Melissa Ibanez Download
Verification 101 Tonya Hsiung Download
Verification 2013-14 and 2014-15 Cindy Davis Download
Veterans Education Benefits Jeff Culp Download
Washington DC Update Scott Miller Download
What Should Every Adult Student Know About Finances Daad Rizk Download
What's the Right Loan Ben Brudnock
Allyson Bentz

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