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2011 Conference Presentations

Presentation Title Presenter Document
2011-2012 FAS System Update Steve Angle
Advanced Verification Marykay Klara
Direct Loan Reconciliation Barbara Davis
Direct Loan Websites and Publications Barbara Davis
FAS: Using the Direct Loan Processing System: Managing Data  
Financial Literacy from the Student Perspective Dwight Horsey
Gimme Some Credit Ben Brudnock
Hitting the Distance Ed Trail  
Hot Topics from Washington, DC Scott Miller
How America Pays for College 2010 Steve Wynne
Implementing a Successful Student Employment Program Betty Casale
It's Not About the Money Dwight Horsey
Like, My Friend Told Me to File as Independent? Vince Frank
Processing Direct Loans for Schools That Have Never Processed With Barbara Davis
Professional Judgment: Why Me? Matthew Stokan
Retention - Why? Dr. James Theeuwes
Riding the Open SG Highway Eleanor Alspaugh
Carol Gill
Sandy Schmelz
Split Servicing: Tools and Strategies to Help Track and Manage Debt Tim Cameron
State Grant and Special Programs  
U.S. Department of Education Federal Update Dan Klock
Value of Private Loan Preferred Lender Arrangements and Preferred Lender Lists Laura Worley
Erin Wolfe
Washington Update Scott Miller
What Schools Need to Know About Private Education Loans John Middendorf
Zooming Through State Grant Processing with Excel Barbara Schmitt
Fran McKeown
Rachael Lohman

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