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In an attempt to not have to turn away any volunteerís offer for committee service, Council respectfully asks that each PASFAA member only serve on one committee. While Council would like to limit committee service to just one committee per person per membership year, it is fine for an individual who is serving on a committee to then also be selected for other short-term support projects and/or tasks, i.e. greeters, training registrars, mailing stuffers, newsletter contributor, etc.

Also, as committees are formed, Committee Chairpersons attempt to create them with varied representation (for example, varied by sector, geography, years in aid, prior committee work). If a volunteer’s first committee choice cannot be accommodated, the volunteer’s name may be forwarded to other Chairpersons still in need of additional volunteers.

Conference: To plan and organize all aspects of the annual conference.

Government Relations: To monitor and influence government financial aid activities and to inform and educate the membership. Chair is Vice President.

Financial Aid Awareness: Plan and coordinate community outreach activities to promote awareness of financial aid information.

Finance & Development: Develop budget and solicit funds from vendors and sponsors.

Newsletter: To solicit, review, edit and publish the Associationís newsletter.

Technology Advisory & Electronic Initiatives: To provide information and training to the membership in the areas of technology.


Fundamentals Workshop:
Presents an overview of the financial aid programs. Provided prior to the annual conference.

Counselor Workshop: In conjunction with PHEAA, develop material to update high school counselors concerning financial aid processing and programs.

Support Staff Workshop: Develop material to teach support staff about financial aid. Workshop presented every other year.

Teleconference: In conjunction with PHEAA, develop topics and find presenters for the Spring Teleconference.

Spring Training: Develop topics related to current and upcoming issues in financial aid, and select presenters for the workshops.

Don Raley Institute: Develop material and select presenters for intensive training in financial aid for new staff. Training is for five days.

Financial Aid Basics Training: Develop training materials for staff that do not directly work in aid. Presented every other year.

Intermediate Financial Aid Training: Develop training materials for staff that have been in aid for over 3 years. Presented every other year.

B, T & T Training: To provide discussion on issues pertinent to the Business Trade and Technical Sectorís financial aid administration.

Leadership Workshop: Develop program and select presenters for training on leadership development. Workshop presented every other year prior to the annual conference.


Mentoring/nextPAGE: To organize a mentor program, matching mentees with new members. Organize first-timers events at trainings or conference.

Newsletter: To solicit, review, edit, and publish the Association's newsletter.

Public Relations/Marketing: To make PASFAA more visible to members and non-members by providing consistent and effective communications through publications and social media.

Retirement: To communicate with past members and organize social events.

Scholarship: To market and award PASFAA scholarships to students in Pennsylvania.

Sunshine: Send greetings to new members; organize PASFAA events at regional and national conferences; to send congratulations/condolences/birthday wishes to individual members.

All expenses related to Committee involvement are paid for by PASFAA, with exception in the Conference Committee as it relates to the annual conference. For more detailed information, see the Policy & Procedure Manual Travel Reimbursement Guidelines.

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